Trio Imàge


4 Martin, Vladigerov, Turina


3 Dvorak Fall Diakov


2 Hans Sommer Chamber Music


1 Mauricio Kagel Pianotrios I-III



There is not the slightest flaw in the accentuated performance of Gergana Gergova (violin), Thomas Kaufmann (cello), and Pavlin Nechev (piano) - Quite the contrary: You admire the Trio Imàge for the inner devotion, articulation of clarity, and their technical skills. Nothing is glossed-over or romanticized, there is no lifeless gesture. Everything is in its right place, each note is significant. Mauricio Kagel´s difficult piano trio legacy couldn´t be played any better or more obsessed by the dynamic of the music.

Jörg Loskill "Das Orchester" (Ausgabe März 2014)

(…) The young Trio Imàge exposes this in a sensual way on its debut cd and gets carried away by Kagel´s scores, playing hauntingly beautiful, brilliant, provocative, theatrically character pieces. Occasionally, this becomes as dramatic as the movie score of a thriller and playful as a latin american dance. Contemporary music can really be fascinating!

Eckhard Weber "Concerti" Das Konzert- und Opernmagazin (Ausgabe März 2014)

Due to the enormously spirited, but also subtle play of Trio Imàge, the main focus lies on the equilibration of the chamber music material. (…) The beginning of the Trio I in three movements is measured. The violin has to play mostly on the upper side of the neck, the piano recites again and again the same simple rhythmical structure. Suddenly the violin begins a rapidly virtuosic downward scale, which is imitated by the piano afterwards, while the cello plays pizzicati. The instruments constantly change their roles. And still, in spite of all irritations, musically everything is as exquisite as fine cuisine.

Tilman Urbach "FonoForum" (Ausgabe April 2014)

Maurico Kagel´s piano trios are definitely not the most undemanding pieces - quite a few piano trios have made desperate efforts to deal with the compositions from 1984, 2001 and 2006. There for one may wonder why the Trio Imàge has chosen exactly these three pieces as its debut album. (…) And indeed they approach the works with a certain amount of respect. Instead of deconstructing them into small parts, they interpret the pieces in such an emotional way, that reveals the deepest abyss and the highest altitudes of the human soul. Imaginative music, in the tradition of Kagel, stunning.

Journal Frankfurt Nr.04/24 (Platz 1 in Top 3 Neue CDs)

After experimenting with scenic elements in his string quartets, he returned to absolute music in his piano trios. (…) Trio Imàge presents them here with extraordinary deepness of interpretation.

"Stuttgarter Zeitung" (18.02.2014)

For the first time they are all available on a single CD. That' s a great fortune, because the young Berlin based Trio Imàge (Gergana Gergova, Violin; Thomas Kaufmann, Cello; Pavlin Nechev, Piano) performs the pieces in a way that blows you away.

Burkhard Schäfer Südwest Presse

Trio Imàge has been involved with the difficult, but emotional pieces for four years and does pioneer work with their outstanding interpretation, in order to complete the still one-sided image of Mauricio Kagel.

Aachener Nachrichten (24.01.2014)